Marriage 101 – Wedding Day Do-over


i find it amazing how a wedding anniversary can sometimes change the atmosphere in the home – at least in ours (and i have a sneaking suspicion we are not alone). no matter what stresses are pressing down, no matter what financial worries are looming, and no matter what annoyances have been felt, an approaching anniversary seems to erase all those cares and fill the heart with “ushy – gushy butterflies” all over again.

celebrating a wedding anniversary brings back many happy memories of the special day when a couple vowed their love to one another. memories of a beautiful bride adorned in her wordly best and a debonaire groom dressed to the nines – an eager couple awaiting the opportunity to conquer life together. for one day out of the year, it is easy for a couple to put aside their troubles and reflect on happier times, romantic nuances, and fairy-tale fantasies.

i want to suggest to you – DON’T WAIT UNTIL YOUR ANNIVERSARY TO HAVE A WEDDING DAY DO-OVER. reflect on that special day EVERYDAY. put your best foot forward EVERYDAY. re-vow your love to each other EVERYDAY. celebrate your love EVERYDAY. you do not have to wait for that special “day” of the year to reflect on the momentous occassion that joined you as one. have a wedding day do-over EVERYDAY of your life.





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